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    • 2021 Squash Champs – Results
      • 20 Oct 2021
      • College Sport Wellington
      • Final placings as follows: Girls Competitive 1- Diana Galloway (HVHS) 2- Mackenzie Tait (Wairarapa) 3- Hannah Du Toit (Wellington High) 4- Sophia De Nardi-Gonzalez (St Orans) 5- Kyra Wyeth (St Mary’s) 6- Hollie Thomas (St Mary’s) 7- Charlotte Haxton (Heretaunga) Boys Competitive 1- Oliver Dunbar (Scots) 2- Otis Brown (Wellington High) 3- Levi Hawkins (HIBS) […] The post 2021 Squash Champs – Results appeared first on College Sport Wellington.
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    • Stronger focus on public transport and mode shift sought by Greater Wellington
      • 25 Jun 2021
      • Greater Wellington Regional Council
      • A significant shift in policies, institutional arrangements and planned investment is required to accelerate the change needed to reduce transport emissions, says Greater Wellington in its submission to the Government on Hīkina te Kohupara – Kia mauri ora ai te iwi - Transport Emissions: Pathways to Net Zero by 2050 “We strongly support the Government’s zero emission by 2050 target,” says Climate Committee chair Cr Thomas Nash, “we need to end the era of dependence on fossil fuels and introduce more options for how we move ourselves and our goods around.” “Let’s open up our streets to more people, allocate public road space more equitably and break the cycle of car dependence.” Greater Wellington believes that a shift to electric vehicles by itself will not be sufficient and that mode shift, rather than electrification of private vehicles, should be the government’s main transport priority. “We need a step change in transport, rather than simply replacing the current fossil fuel fleet with an electric fleet. Of course we need to transition to electric vehicles, but focusing on this as a priority risks undermining the urgent mode shift required away from investment in motorways and towards energy efficient transport infrastructure that will actually carry the number of people we need to carry. “Instead, we should focus on giving people more options to move around in ways that will meet the needs of our rapidly growing cities and are consistent with our climate targets. This means providing walking and cycling infrastructure, much better, cheaper, accessible and more frequent public transport. “We need to design our transport systems within the basic geographic constraints of our cities as well as the planetary boundaries of climate and the social needs of all of us, in particular people not currently well served by transport system including people with disabilities and people who are less well off.” “Greater Wellington recommends the inclusion in Hīkina te Kohupara of bold national and regional targets for mode share shift”, says Cr Roger Blakeley, chair of Greater Wellington’s Transport Committee. “For example, Greater Wellington’s Regional Land Transport Plan includes a target of ‘40 percent increase in active travel and public transport mode share by 2030’ ”. Cr Blakeley said that Greater Wellington has developed scenarios to meet the regional target based on census data for Jouney to Work trips to the Wellington CBD, which have mode share changes by 2030 of: walking trips to the central city would increase by 60%, cycling trips by 130%, public transport trips would increase by 45%, and car trips would reduce by 60%. “A precondition for mode share shift programmes, such as congestion charging and parking policies, would be the provision of safe, reliable, frequent  and convenient alternatives to cars. “Significant investment is required in public and sustainable transport, from further decarbonisation of our buses and electrification of the rail fleet for services on the Manawatu and Wairarapa lines, through to the development of overdue cycling and pedestrian infrastructure,” “Unfortunately, as three quarters of the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) is already allocated for the decade ahead, a review of the NLTF’s scope and priorities as well as additional funding will be required to redirect investment towards public transport. “That’s where the big gains will be made both for our climate and ultimately our way of life.” Download the release and submission
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    • Wins for Wairarapa schools over Wellington First XVs
      • 18 May 2021
      • Wellington Club Weekly
      • Above: The Rathkeale First XV. PHOTO CREDIT: Rathkeale College Rugby Club Facebook Wins early this week to the two visiting Wairarapa First XVs against Wellington schools. Accounts of both games – with similar scorelines – below. Rathkeale College 21 – HIBS 7 Rathkeale College held Hutt International Boys’ School (HIBS) scoreless in the second-half to...
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    • Twilight Track Meet No 5 Results
      • 10 Feb 2021
      • Wellington Scottish Athletics Club
      • Twilight Track Meet 5 - 10/02/2021 Hosted by Wellington Scottish Athletics Club Newtown Park Stadium, Wellington Event 140 Men 400 Metres Run Open ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Mckenzie, Ethan 18 Titahi Bay 51.90 2 Hunter, Jack 16 Ath Wairarapa 52.48 3 McKenna, Axel 17 Titahi Bay 52.69 4 Mills, Kosta 18 Ath Wairarapa 53.83 5 Beard, Reuben 18 Wgtn Harrier 54.15 6 Tanimoto, Hiro 36 Wgtn Scottish 59.33 7 Milne, Zac 22 Victoria Uni 1:07.00 8 Wray, Michael 54 Wgtn Scottish 1:08.20 Event 340 Women 400 Metres Run Open ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Walker, Amy 19 Wgtn Scottish 59.52 2 Sceats, Katelyn 16 Victoria Uni 1:02.54 3 Jenkins, Becs 17 Titahi Bay 1:03.03 Event 555 Mixed 5000 Metres Run Open ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Martelletti, Paul M42 Unattached 14:57.94 2 Tanimoto, Hiro M36 Wgtn Scottish 15:52.86 3 Prendergast, Robert M31 Wgtn Scottish 15:55.78 4 Day, Kristian M31 Wgtn Scottish 16:10.81 5 Hunt, Ryan M24 Victoria Uni 16:15.04 6 Jackson, Anthony M35 Lower Hutt 16:16.47 7 Saunders, Alasdair M40 Wgtn Scottish 16:33.23 8 Boyd, Tommy M24 Victoria Uni 16:37.66 9 McLean, Grant M53 Wgtn Scottish 16:39.41 10 Richardson, Alistair M28 Wgtn Scottish 16:50.66 11 Muir, Ruby W30 Wgtn Scottish 17:00.10 12 Keller, Simon M48 Wgtn Scottish 17:14.85 13 Jones, Liam M22 Wgtn Scottish 18:01.78 14 Lynch, Deborah W29 Olympic 18:05.74 15 George, Esther W29 Wgtn Harrier 18:10.34 16 Gordon, Darren M48 Lower Hutt 18:27.45 17 Riceman, Sarah W27 Wgtn Harrier 18:32.10 18 Zath, M M Unattached 18:50.32 19 Spencer, Miranda W30 Wgtn Harrier 18:56.06 20 Krieble, Todd M62 Wgtn Harrier 19:09.57 21 Wong, Brad M38 Wgtn Scottish 19:21.78 22 Hardaker, Nat W39 Wgtn Harrier 20:06.79 23 Gunn, Willie M50 Wgtn Harrier 20:14.32 24 Hayes, Brian M74 Wgtn Harrier 22:07.61 Event 110 Men 100 Metres Run Open ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Heat 1 Wind: 1.6 1 Kingi, Zechariah 17 Titahi Bay 10.92 2 Trego, Tyrone 17 Upper Hutt 11.25 3 Lambert, Ben 16 Paraparaumu 11.28 4 McKenna, Axel 17 Titahi Bay 11.79 5 Mckenzie, Ethan 18 Titahi Bay 11.88 6 Tofts, Max 16 Paraparaumu 11.92 7 Aliva, Fiti 16 Titahi Bay 12.04 8 Lawrence, Matthew 24 Wgtn Harrier 12.07 Heat 2 Wind: -0.5 1 Matsuoka-Webber, Andrew 40 Palmerston Nth 12.59 2 Tanimoto, Hiro 36 Wgtn Scottish 14.38 =============================================================================== Name Age Team Finals Wind H# Points =============================================================================== Finals 1 Kingi, Zechariah 17 Titahi Bay 10.92 1.6 1 2 Trego, Tyrone 17 Upper Hutt 11.25 1.6 1 3 Lambert, Ben 16 Paraparaumu 11.28 1.6 1 4 McKenna, Axel 17 Titahi Bay 11.79 1.6 1 5 Mckenzie, Ethan 18 Titahi Bay 11.88 1.6 1 6 Tofts, Max 16 Paraparaumu 11.92 1.6 1 7 Aliva, Fiti 16 Titahi Bay 12.04 1.6 1 8 Lawrence, Matthew 24 Wgtn Harrier 12.07 1.6 1 9 Matsuoka-Webber, Andrew 40 Palmerston Nth 12.59 -0.5 2 10 Tanimoto, Hiro 36 Wgtn Scottish 14.38 -0.5 2 Event 310 Women 100 Metres Run Open ============================================================================ Name Age Team Finals Wind Points ============================================================================ Finals 1 Witharana, Chethana 16 Olympic 13.49 0.3 2 Jenkins, Becs 17 Titahi Bay 13.80 0.3 3 Sakamoto, Ayano 27 Unattached 15.58 0.3 Event 561 Mixed 600 Metres Run Open ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Mills, Kosta M18 Ath Wairarapa 1:27.18 2 Hunter, Jack M16 Ath Wairarapa 1:27.41 3 Beard, Reuben M18 Wgtn Harrier 1:28.42 4 Tanimoto, Hiro M36 Wgtn Scottish 1:35.04 5 Carpenter, Charlotte W22 Victoria Uni 1:48.57 6 Walker, Heather W51 Wgtn Scottish 1:49.68 7 Kerrison, Neve W18 Wgtn Harrier 1:53.94 8 Milne, Zac M22 Victoria Uni 1:54.94
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      • Newtown, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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