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    • Handle the Jandal 2009
      • The category winners for the 2009 Handle the Jandal DIY Music Video Awards are: Producer’s name, Band Song Best Use of Exploitative Tactics to Promote A Band: Judah Finnigan and Ben Forman: Highlife,Berserk Best Editing: Joe Fish: James Duncan, A Obvious Best Cinematography: Kimberley Brown: Electric Wire Hustle, Perception Best Concept: Lisa Dunn: Parallel Dance Ensemble, Weight Watchers Best Animation: Preston McNeill: Isaac Aesili, With You In My Bed Rising Star 2009: Greg Pawsey: Cougar Cougar Cougar, Satans Blues And the Golden Jandal for the peoples’ favourites: First: Lisa Dunn for Parallel Dance Ensemble’s Weight Watchers. Second: Mike Gray for El Schlong’s The Baddies Are Coming Third: Judah Finnigan and Ben Forman for Highlife’s Berserk Posted in Arts and Music, News and Events, Peoples and Society Tagged: cultures, music, new zealand, wellington
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