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Just Save the Basin Reserve!
    • Zero fossil fuel powered vehicles in Wellington City by 2040: Councillor Roger Blakeley’s presentation to the 2018 Save the Basin Campaign AGM
      • 3 Dec 2018
      • Save the Basin Reserve!
      • (Note: The view expressed in this presentation are Councillor Blakeley’s personal and professional views, not those of Greater Wellington Regional Council) by Tim Jones Another year has gone by, and we still don’t know what will be in the Let’s Get Wellington Moving Recommended Programme of Investment – in other words, the Ngauranga to Airport transport plan that we’ve been awaiting for the last three years. It often seems as though the whole thing will end up as a messy political compromise. But what if the guiding principles were such things as: making Wellington liveable making Wellington fair, safe and healthy making Wellington beautiful, vibrant and culturally rich? And what if, in place of Let’s Get Welly Moving’s continued refusal to treat the climate change impact of its plans as a key or even important factor, a central goal of their work was to ensure zero greenhouse gas emissions from Wellington transport by 2040? Does that sound like a pipe dream? It isn’t. Because Councillor Roger Blakeley, with input from a number of people with community expertise in Wellington transport, has come up with a plan to do all that and more. And he presented it to the 2018 Save the Basin Campaign Annual General Meeting: Essentials of a 21st Century Transport Strategy We encourage you to read it. We encourage you to think about it. And we encourage you to support it – or, if you wish, suggest further improvements. It’s great to see one of our elected representatives engaging in detail with the work that needs to be done to make Wellington a city fit for its residents – and fit for the future. Thanks, Roger!  
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