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    • Penguin update – Wellington & Malborough news
      • 29 Oct 2014
      • Te Papa's blog
      • Since we blogged 2 weeks ago, the Te Papa team working on little penguins has started a second front of activity in Marlborough, based at Motuara Island in Queen Charlotte Sound. Almost all of the birds from the Wellington Harbour nests have had their tags retrieved, and are going to either locations within the harbour or... Read more »
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    • Colossal squid on display gets check-up
      • 14 Feb 2011
      • Te Papa's blog
      • We can all do with a check-up every so often – just to ensure things are going ok and we’re not falling apart. Today our team took the lid off the colossal squid tank and started to drain out the preservation fluid so we can give the colossal squid a check-up. We last had the lid off the tank in March 2009.
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      • cephalopods

    • More on Friday’s Killer whales in Wellington Harbour
      • 14 Dec 2009
      • Te Papa's blog
      • Here’s proof that there were indeed Orca’s or Killer Whales in Wellington Harbour on Friday. Proof too of what a small, interconnected world we live in! This photo was sent to us by Jochen Flöthe from Kiel, Germany! Jochen’s daughter is back-packing in New Zealand and had sent family back in Germany photos of the six Orca [...]
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    • Killer whales again today, Owhiro Bay
      • 12 Dec 2009
      • Te Papa's blog
      • There were killer whales (orca) hanging around Wellington harbour yesterday – as reported by Anton van Helden, Te Papa’s marine mammal specialist. More killer whales were seen this morning, though I’d don’t know if they are  the same animals. After a txt from Anton I raced down to the South Coast at Owhiro Bay, not far [...]
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