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    • Lockdown Colouring Competition
      • Are you running out of fun stuff to do in your bubble? If you’re stuck at the home office and your new workmate/ parents/ teachers are stuck for ideas for something to do, we have something for you! Lockdown Colouring Competition PDFDownload Lockdown Colouring Competition JPEGDownload This colouring competition is open to anyone of any age that belongs to a harriers club in the Wellington region. If you’re not a member but your parent or partner is in a running club, you can enter too! Download the image or the pdf below, print it off and colour it in. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, take a picture and email it to us at, or post to Instagram and tag us. You can win some cool spot prizes! We will announce prize winners on 30 April 2020. Alternatively, if you don’t have a printer, download the jpeg image then visit this artwork site:, re-upload the jpeg and colour it in online. Then save it and send it to us. A very special thank you to Dawn Tuffery for lending her running and drawing skills for this fantastic illustration.
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