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    • Deep water
      • The WCC Draft Annual Plan 2011/12 was out for public consultation recently. In these tight financial times the plan was generally about maintaining affordable rates through prioritising spending and reducing costs by $6 million, through reducing some services, improving the efficiency of other services and deferring non-urgent work. Although it’s not all cost cutting, there is an allowance to spend $650,000 on a feasibility study for a new deep-water pool in Kilbirnie.
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      • Kilbirnie, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa (OpenStreetMap)

    • Stalla
      • Well, I was about to post something up on the tall tower proposal for the corner of Manners St, when this little number popped its head above the parapet, and it got me thinking. It is the latest proposal for Wellington – and no point debating it, because it has already been granted Resource Consent, without having to ask the public, despite being over 30% higher than the “permitted height”.
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