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    • 2019/20 Club Prizegiving and Awards
      • Derbridge Cup (7yr Boys) – Humphrey Curtis Bowers Cup (7yr Girls) – Lucia Harfitt Magee Cup (8yr Boys) – Zeplin Burglass-Devereux Porter Family Cup (8yr G) – Honor Dreaneen, Abigail Maguire Brinck Cup (9yr B) – Asher Thomas Cheesman Cup (9yr G) – Molly Sherriff Shaw Cup (10yr B) – Felix Thomas Frain Cup (10yr G) – Lola Cowley Thomson Parker Cup (11y B) – Not contested Lyall Cup (11y G) – Ella Chamberlain Harvey Cup (12yr B) – Renn Harper Sewell Cup (12yr G) – Zoe Bailey Hill Allen Cup (13yr B) – Not contested Imrie Cup (13yr G) – Ava Jones Eddie Bethall Cup – Surf Race – Felix Thomas Instructors Cup – Surf Race – Ava Jones Junior of the Year Shield – Ava Jones Brophy Trophy (U16 B) – Alex Cecioni Forbes Cup (U16 G) – Mickey Jones Rose Bowl (U19 B) – Max Jones Valentine Trophy (U19 G) – Georgia Ballentyne Hooky Cup (Open M) – Jamie Norris Wills Cup (Open W) – Brianna Norris Open Men Ski Cup – Max Jones Jane Perkins Shield Ski – Amy Dellow Pat Cheesman Trophy Surf Race – Alex Cecioni Kapiti Cup Surf Race – Katie Trott Coaches Choice – Amy Dellow Kennelly Cup, Sportsman of the Year – Alex Cecioni Hodder Family, Sportswoman of the Year – Georgia Ballentyne Bednarek-Trott Cup, Sports Team of the Year – U23 Magpies: Keely Saunders, Alex Coupe, Gemma Woolcock, Taylor Smith, Shane Radovanovich JP IRB Shield – Dwight Garton Rookie of the Year – Robbie Strombom Most Promising Lifeguard – Sarah Warren Simpson Shield, Patrol Team of the YearPatrol Team 3: Sarah Downs (Patrol Captain), Riley Crosbie, Jason Perry, Amy Spiekerman, Nikita Cameron-Bennett, Max Jones, Freya Hodge, Bella Brewer, Mia Litten, Callum Humphries Rescue of the Year – Brianna Norris, Ben Strombom, Sarah Warren, Riley Crosbie Lifeguard of the Year – Mike Ward Volunteer of the Year – Peter Jones Coach of the Year – Shane Radovanovich Official of the Year – Richard Whinham Instructor the Year – Brianna Norris New lifeguards 2020 Robbie StrombomWilliam ButtershawGeena Pombo-VermeyNikita Cameron-BennettBen NorrisAva JonesLily KeatingMia LittenSavannah WardMatt BurnerBella Brewer
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      • Paekakariki Surf Lifeguards, Beach access, Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast District, Wellington, 5034, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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