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Wellington City Council current e-Petitions

    • Suburban Liquor Ban Needed Urgently.
      • 7 Aug 2014
      • Wellington City Council
      • If we can pass By Laws for 30 K speed zones in our Suburbs then we must also curb roadside drinking in our communities. My proposal is to include Suburban Business Districts i.e. Brooklyn Shops and all areas in reduced speed zones (30 KM) to be included in the city wide Liquor Ban area. There is no justifiable reason for any reasonable person to demand the right to sit on the footpath of our suburban business and residential district and drink until drunk without any repercussions from the law.

    • A safe crossing to McAlister Park
      • 11 Jul 2014
      • Wellington City Council
      • There is no safe crossing around the end of Farnham St where it meets McAlister Park in Mornington, Wellington. Dozens of walkers with prams, dogs, and little people criss-cross between the Farnham St playground and the sports fields park every week, not to mention weekend sport players. At an intersection with poor visibility and no safe place to cross, or even an island between lanes, it seems like a matter of time before something unfortunate happens.

    • Introduce a 30km zone in Berhampore
      • 21 Apr 2014
      • Wellington City Council
      • We request that Wellington City Council introduce a 30km zone along Adelaide Road through Berhampore to ensure the safety of all its users. Adelaide Road through Berhampore is a busy and narrow road. The road is a throughfare for commuters between Island Bay and the CBD. The traffic at peak times and in the weekend is high. In all neighbouring suburbs (Newtown, Karori and Island Bay ), lower speed zones have been put in place.

    • Permanent ice skating rink in Wellington
      • 23 Feb 2014
      • Wellington City Council
      • This petition is to allow the members of Wellington to voice their approval of the idea of having a permanent ice skating rink located in Wellington city. This petition was created due to the vast amount of displeasure shown by many members of the Wellington public by the restricted amount of time the ice skating was open; it is an activity which caters to the joy of many people despite their age.

    • Botanic Garden, Double 3D, 1500mm Diameter, International Peace Symbol
      • 12 Feb 2014
      • Wellington City Council
      • It's for an open grassed area, for children to play on, at the Botanic Garden. It would be made from 2mm thick steel and hot dipped galvanised with well rounded edges. A coloured model is shown in Public donations would be asked for.

    • Bring forward improvement of Cheyne Walk Play Area.
      • 12 Jan 2014
      • Wellington City Council
      • I would like the council to do the work on Cheyne Walk Play Area a lot earlier than planned so that families in our area have a safe and interesting place to meet and play. The equipment is very old and there is not much for children to play on. The other playgrounds in Newlands are too far away for children to walk to and people shouldn't have to drive to get to a good playground.

    • Extending plantings of waterfront shade trees
      • 19 Dec 2013
      • Wellington City Council
      • This is to ask Wellington City Council to extend the plantings of shade trees around all the city beaches to provide shade from the sun to beach goers. In particular this should be done along the foreshores of Seatoun Beach, Lyall Bay, Princess Bay, Houghton Bay and Island Bay; as well as any other suitable beaches in Wellington. I suggest Norfolk pines and northern rata as suitable tree species.

    • Re-instate the Carnival parade and festival
      • 1 Dec 2013
      • Wellington City Council
      • This is to request that the Wellington City Council funds and supports the running of a carnival parade and festival along the lines of the past Cuba Carnival. This could be scheduled as a bi-annual event that alternates with the New Zealand Festival of the Arts.

    • Native plants in all traffic islands
      • 28 Nov 2013
      • Wellington City Council
      • We need to celebrate and protect native New Zealand plants by integrating them into the urban sprawl. Native plants attract birds and are much more attractive than the annual plants the council currently plants.It is such a waste that the flowers quickly die and go to seed and are then pulled out and disposed of.

    • New Mount Victoria Concrete Staircase
      • 27 Nov 2013
      • Wellington City Council
      • It asks for a concrete staircase, with stainless steel handrails, between Palliser Road and Lookout Road, from the gravel track entry points. Rests seats, with International Peace Symbols, would be on the way. It would be similar to the one between Elphinstone Avenue and Tannadyce Street, in Strathmore Park. It would bypass very steep paths.

    • Map of all yellow and red stickered buildings in Wellington
      • 11 Sep 2013
      • Wellington City Council
      • I want Wellington City Council (WCC) as the Territorial Authority who decides on the worthiness of buildings to provide an up to date (weekly) map on their Website and in all libraries and service centres for all ratepayers and visitors to see and make note of. This is only fair, honest and just and will educate ratepayers which buildings are up to code or not.

    • Botanic Garden, 1500 mm x 150 mm Upright, Decorative Concrete, International Peace Symbol.
      • 4 Aug 2013
      • Wellington City Council
      • Childrens' donations would fund design and construction. The famous, 55 year old, free symbol, is the United Kingdom based Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's or CND's. It's also known as the ban the bomb symbol. Wellington campaigners used it for the City and then New Zealand to become nuclear weapons free. The Botanic Garden is of gorgeous life. Nuclear weapons totally insult all life. The symbol is correct for there. It would remind us to try harder to abolish all nuclear weapons for ever.

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