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    • TS Amokura
      • We are TS Amokura (Wellington), one of four Sea Cadet Corps units in the greater Wellington region. We were formed in 1963. We are now based in Evans Bay, at the Wellington Cadet Centre, a purpose built cadet building opened in 2007.
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      • boating
      • Geotagged Evans Bay, Evans Bay Parade, Hataitai, Wellington, 6022, New Zealand/Aotearoa

    • Hack Miramar
      • Hack Miramar is Wellington's first civic hacking event and hopefully one of many to come. It's an open invitation to innovators, designers, architects, developers, activists, all manner of geeks, and those who are just interested in coming up with new ideas and want to get involved.
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      • miramar
      • computers
      • community groups
      • Geotagged Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand

    • Connect Wellington
      • Our runway is currently too short for long-haul direct flights to be viable, so you have to get connecting flights via other airports, which can add up to 50% of extra travel time. We need to be well connected to ensure Wellington remains a cutting-edge place where people want to work and play.
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      • runway extension

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    • WCC Watch
      • Welcome to WCC Watch. The idea is pretty simple. Basically, the coverage of the upcoming (Sept-Oct) Wellington City Council elections are going to be sporadic at best. There are a multitude of personalities at play, some smart, bold, dynamic candidates, and some total fruit bars. I’ll be trying to cover everything I can to follow the election.
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      • elections 2010
      • wellington city council
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