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    • Gigatown Porirua
      • Porirua is competing in a Chorus competition to determine which New Zealand town will be the first in the Southern Hemisphere to have access UFB (Ultra-Fast Broadband) operating at a phenomenally fast 1 Gigabit per second (1Gbps). That’s 10-100 times faster than current broadband speeds – for both homes and businesses!
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      • porirua
      • Geotagged Porirua, Wellington Region, New Zealand

    • Worser Bay Life Saving Club
      • Worser Bay Life Saving Club is a family orientated club. Fun for the whole family, we welcome all ages. There's something for everyone Sea Swimming, Board training, Surf Competitions and Carnivals Join a Life guard team or complete life guard training, become a qualified IRB Driver. There is a great social atmosphere with barbeques every Sunday, The club has excellent facilities and all are welcome.
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      • surf life saving
      • worser bay
      • Geotagged Worser Bay, Marine Parade, Seatoun, Wellington, 6022, New Zealand/Aotearoa

    • The Soup Kitchen
      • In 1901 the Sisters of Compassion began the soup kitchen service in a small house in Buckle Street. Today, we operate from 132 Tory Street, where breakfast and dinner are served six days a week.
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    • WCC Watch
      • Welcome to WCC Watch. The idea is pretty simple. Basically, the coverage of the upcoming (Sept-Oct) Wellington City Council elections are going to be sporadic at best. There are a multitude of personalities at play, some smart, bold, dynamic candidates, and some total fruit bars. I’ll be trying to cover everything I can to follow the election.
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      • elections 2010
      • wellington city council
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