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    • The Village Market
      • Get involved at the beginning of this exciting new project - we are creating an iconic weekend market in Gracefield, Lower Hutt. The Village Market is set on one acre of privately owned land. We are purpose building our market facilities, including covered stallholder areas, providing all-weather cover, with live entertainment and a range of children's playground areas and attractions, the emphasis is on fun for the whole family.
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      • events
      • hutt valley
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      • Geotagged Wainui Road, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa

    • TS Amokura
      • We are TS Amokura (Wellington), one of four Sea Cadet Corps units in the greater Wellington region. We were formed in 1963. We are now based in Evans Bay, at the Wellington Cadet Centre, a purpose built cadet building opened in 2007.
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      • boating
      • Geotagged Evans Bay, Evans Bay Parade, Hataitai, Wellington, 6022, New Zealand/Aotearoa

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    • WCC Watch
      • Welcome to WCC Watch. The idea is pretty simple. Basically, the coverage of the upcoming (Sept-Oct) Wellington City Council elections are going to be sporadic at best. There are a multitude of personalities at play, some smart, bold, dynamic candidates, and some total fruit bars. I’ll be trying to cover everything I can to follow the election.
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      • elections 2010
      • wellington city council
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