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    • The Soup Kitchen
      • In 1901 the Sisters of Compassion began the soup kitchen service in a small house in Buckle Street. Today, we operate from 132 Tory Street, where breakfast and dinner are served six days a week.
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    • Wellington Library Coalition
      • The Wellington Library Coalition was formed in 2013 to coordinate efforts against the steady deterioration of library services in Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. The Coalition advocates for users and staff of public libraries in Wellington and brings together groups like Owners of Wellington Libraries (OWL), Save Khandallah Library, supporters of the Brooklyn Library, library campaigners from Wellington City and the wider region, and the Public Service Association which represents library staff interests.
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    • Prefab
      • Visit us at PREFAB - a unique and unpretentious eatery space with extraordinary natural light, large North-West facing terrace and the Southern Hemisphere's longest espresso bar.
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    • WCC Watch
      • Welcome to WCC Watch. The idea is pretty simple. Basically, the coverage of the upcoming (Sept-Oct) Wellington City Council elections are going to be sporadic at best. There are a multitude of personalities at play, some smart, bold, dynamic candidates, and some total fruit bars. I’ll be trying to cover everything I can to follow the election.
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