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    • ZEALANDIA Walking Group
      • 28 May 2015
      • Zealandia
      • Photo Credit: Chris Moore   This week veteran volunteer and resident wordsmith Rosemary Cole talks to Trustee Pam Fuller about ZEALANDIA’s famous Monday Walk Group! R) How long has this group been going? P) The idea arose from a discussion at a Members Evening at the VC in October 2013 between Shirley, Rosemary, Hilary and myself, when Rosemary and Shirley both expressed disappointment in not being able to walk in the valley as much as they would like. They were also both interested in learning more about the plants etc. We decided in the beginning that we wanted to explore the upper valley because, as Doug says, ‘that’s where the Sanctuary starts”. We also wanted to go at a pace that allowed time to ‘stop and smell the daisies’. R) Who set it up? P) We settled on alternate Mondays because that suited both Shirley and Rosemary, and I took on the task of getting things going -organising the advertising etc. and collecting names and contact details. We’ve advertised it from time to time in the Member and Volunteer Newsletters and it’s grown from there, with many new people joining via word of mouth. R)Was it always intended to be just a fortnightly walking group all year or has it had/will it have a break over late Autumn and Winter? P) We also agreed that we would meet all year round and that in keeping with Sanctuary policy we would have a no-cancellation policy leaving it for people to decide if / when they would come and how far or fast they would walk. Last winter we decided to restrict the walks to the Lower Valley since we couldn’t always be sure of the weather and to provide variety and interest and in keeping with our original aim to learn more about the valley we had a guide lead one walk a month. These walk and talks included an Introduction of Native Plants with Gil Roper, one on Ferns with Barbara Mitcalfe and Chris Horne, Chris Moore on Native Nasties, Kaka Monitoring with Linton Miller, a Historical Walk with Ian Archer, and The Sanctuary Blueprint/Landscape Plan with Hilary and Russ Drewry.   R) How are the trips and leaders planned? P) I develop a three monthly matrix and invite members to nominate a date and walk they would like to do and I organised the Walk and Talks. It has been agreed we alternate between a long walk (e.g Western Firebreak) and short or medium walk (e.g. Round the Lakes) each month. This year decided that the long walks would start at 9.30am and the short at 10am. I’m actually just about to put the June – August matrix out. Photo Credit: Chris Moore R) When did the weeding on alternate Mondays begin? P) In April Raewyn suggested we might like to do some weeding so that’s quite recent Though we’ve tended to do a bit of weeding and track clearing as we walk, we’ve scheduled the weeding for non-walk days and have done just two so far, with one more planned. Then its up to the group whether they want to keep going or take a break. R) How many people usually join in walking and/or weeding? P) We have 44 on our email list. The largest number we’ve had walking was 18 with 10 on our first weed day. R) Is there an End-Of-Year Xmas walk and Lunch? P) As you know we end each session with coffee or lunch at Rata, last December we had a short walk and made our lunch break a bit more of an occasion with tablecloths and crackers! If you’d like to join the walking group, send an email through to
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      • Zealandia, Lake Road, Highbury, Wellington, Wellington Region, 6011, New Zealand

    • Vosseler 2015 HVH results
      • 28 May 2015
      • Hutt Valley Harriers
      • Grade/ Name  Time Place SW 5km 3 Julie Johnson 24:12:00 9 Kristi Perkinson  27:28 W35 5km 16  Liz Gibson 36:14:00 W50 5km 3  Vanessa Trompetter 29:39:00 4 Marian Goodwin 30:08:00 9 Trish Coley 32:45:00 MU18 7 Lars Van Beusekom 28:43:00 5km Peter Roberts Matthew Roberts M60 5km 4  Peter Sparks 28:58:00 14 Keith Holmes 32:58:00 GU15 3.7km 1  Phoebe McKnight 13:41 4 Lucy England 16:46 5  Maria Cramp 16:56 8  Jessica Kincaid 18:55 9  Mieke Van Den Bergh 19:24 10 Hannah Gordon 22:01 MU18 3.7km 4 Joel Carman 12:40 11 Gus Reece 13:36 Matthew Sutcliffe BU11 1.6km 1  Nathaniel Graham 7:43 2  Alexander Prichard 7:47 4  Nicholas Green 8:12 5 Luke Stoupe 8:14 15 Tyler Rollo 9:21 19 Jonathan Green 9:37 20 Oscar Strickland 9:42 21 Harrison Kowalizyk 9:53 22 Hunter Hughs 9:59 24 Harvey Butler 10:20 26 Bailey Rollo 11:18 27  Tim Cherry 11:32 28  Henry Mellor 11:34 29  Joseph Mellor 11:34 30  David Gordon 11:34 32 Liam Carson 14:23 BU13 1.6km 6  Logan Stoupe 7:40 John Roberts Nic England 24  Ben Cherry 10:31 GU11 1.6km 4 Rylee Watt 8:45 10 Charlotte Ross 10:07 GU13 1.6km 13  Jorja Watt 9:22 15  Una Strickland 9:50 16 Amelia Adams 10:36 SM 10km 9 Nicholas Sasse 46:20:00 29 Tim Johnson 51:44:00 M40 10km 3  Darren Gordon 48:00:00 8 Brendan Quirke 49:29:00 11  Stephen Cummings 53:40:00 17  Tony Plowman 57:02:00 19  Neil Sargisson 57:51:00 21 Stuart McKenzie  1:03:11 24 Martyn Cherry 1:22:02 M50 10km 3 Marcus Smith 49:02:00 9  Bill Trompetter 53:07:00 13  Graeme Burr 54:06:00 18  Richard Kellett 56:08:00 27 Paul Newsom  1:00:00 29  Donald Coley 1:02:50 35  Glenn Perkinson 1:11:21
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      • Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

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