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    • New way to do Total Mobility business
      • 7 Sep 2010
      • Greater Wellington Regional Council
      • A large number of taxis in the Wellington region are being installed this month with equipment to read a new Total Mobility photo identification card, for people who cannot use public transport because of a disability.
      • Accepted from GW Feed
      • Tagged as:
      • disabilities
      • taxis

    • Too many taxis?
      • 22 Jun 2010
      • Capital Times
      • IN 1989 there were 400 taxis in Wellington, and now there are over 1,200. Numbers have exploded since the industry was deregulated in 1989, and many locals, like Petone resident Dave Stonyer, are sick of taxis taking up car spaces in the city.
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      • taxis

    • Police appeal for taxi driver and witnesses
      • 6 Oct 2009
      • Police would like to hear from a taxi driver and witnesses after a male was injured from falling from a moving taxi on Sunday 4 October. The male and two female companions had got into the taxi on Courtney Place, opposite Burger King, at around 4.30am. Shortly after 5am the taxi stopped near Caltex petrol station on State Highway 2 Upper Hutt, where the incident occurred.
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      • taxis

    • Carbon Neutral Victoria?
      • 19 Jul 2009
      • Salient
      • Rushing to the airport to catch my mid-trimester flight back to the Bay, I was faced with several taxi cab options. Kiwi Cabs, Amalgamated, Harbour City and Combined, “New Zealand’s first carbon neutral certified cab”. As a wannabe greenie, my choice was easy. En route, I asked the guy behind the wheel why Combined took the carbon neutral plunge.
      • Tagged as:
      • victoria university
      • taxis
      • conservation
      • Geotagged Victoria University of Wellington, Waiteata Road, Aro Valley, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand/Aotearoa

    • Low emission cars
      • 4 Jun 2008
      • Wellington Combined Taxis
      • Low emission cars only, says Capital’s largest taxi company Wellington Combined has taken another major step forward in its plans to become carbon neutral. The company has ruled that its fleet will not accept any petrol only cars after June 1, 2008.
      • Tagged as:
      • conservation
      • taxis

    • Never underestimate a taxi driver
      • 20 Feb 2007
      • Capital Times
      • Think twice before doing a runner on a taxi. The driver could be a black belt in karate, or in Richard Wright’s case a red belt in the Korean martial art hapkido, which focuses on throws, grappling, and joint locks. WELLINGTON artist Alison Jones catches cabs at least twice a week, and is putting together a photography documentary exploring the lives of those who drive her around the city
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      • taxis
      • art

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