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    • WBG ON A BOAT!
      • 14 Apr 2018
      • Wellington Boxing Gym
      • WBG ON A BOAT - CELEBRATING OUR MEMBERS AND TRAINERS This year WBG decided not to have a Christmas party in the busiest time of year, but instead decided to do something different and have a late party. Of course a party, to celebrating the members that make the gym, the trainers that put the hard work in and of course another successful year of business. So Friday 6th of April, 61 WBG members, trainers and friends set sail on the Sweet Georgia for a night of epic madness.  Hurricanes played on the boat, many delish starters, BBQ dinner, pirates, jelly fish, sea man haha, mermaids, captains, selfies galore and many striped tops later the boat was buzzing! Amazing thing too was Quincy wasn't late, he 'didn't miss the boat' lol #NameShame From WBG, we hope you enjoyed the night. Asher and myself cannot thank you enough for choosing us as your fitness/boxing home, building the welcoming and no ego culture that every hypes over, supporting the charities events we are part of and for giving back to the smallest but coolest little gym in Wellies. WBG is truly built by the members that create the space :) To the trainers Thomas, Haile, Ice, Akeyla and Dave, we cannot thank you enough either. We appreciate all the hard work you put in and for bringing your own unique flavours to the space.  We look forward to celebrating with all again as we approach our 2 year anniversary - How can we top this though?  
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