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    • Poneke Week Ahead 25/07/11
      • 25 Jul 2011
      • Poneke Rugby
      • The weather on Saturday was abysmal and for many visiting teams the thought of playing Poneke at a wet Kilbirnie Park is off-putting to say the least. The grounds however were still open and the rain still poured down so it was an interesting afternoon to see which squad could get over the conditions the quickest and play rugby in spite of the glacial rain and sub-zero wind. The first to the showers were the Colts vs Norths with the Colts demolishing their opposition 42-5. The boys played out on Kilbirnie 3 and the results speaks volumes of their sheer tenacity to play wet weather rugby and push their position on the BNZ Age Grade competition. Great work gentlemen!
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      • Kilbirnie Park, Wellington

    • Poneke Week Ahead 11/07/11
      • 11 Jul 2011
      • Poneke Rugby
      • Depending on your location within Wellington on Saturday - it was a meta-physical representation of the Crowded House song 'Four Seasons In One Day' with the sun shining brilliantly in the morning and scoff at the predicted rain forecast for the day to actual hail storms and visibility so poor that the lights had to be turned on for the Premier match up in Upper Hutt. For our top 2 Premier teams - wet weather rugby is our bread and butter, so seeing the rain forecast is like a thirsty man seeing a drinking well in the middle of a desert. However the weather again provided the perfect metaphor for the Premiers with the 2 halves being as different as Winter and Summer against Ories at Polo Ground.
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